Name Year Program Location
Kruisplein Housing (Competition) 1982 Housing Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Dentist Office 1984-1983 Office Roermond, the Netherlands
Glass Towers (Competition, 3rd Place) 1985 Housing, Office Tokyo, Japan
Tower for Russian Dissidents (Competition) 1985 Housing Moscow, Russia
Garden of Villa Farsetti (Competition) 1985 Leisure Venice, Italy
Je Vous Salue (Competition) 1985 Housing Delft, the Netherlands
Ca’Venier dei Leoni 1985 Cultural Venice, Italy
Beltgens Fashion Shop 1987-1986 Retail Maastricht, the Netherlands
Lamens Pharmacy 1987-1986 Office Weert, the Netherlands
House & Office Mayntz 1987-1986 Housing, Office Heerlen, the Netherlands
M' House 1987-1986 Housing Lanaken, Belgium
Sijstermans Pharmacy 1987-1986 Office Maastricht, the Netherlands
House & Medical Center Vissers 1987-1990 Housing, Office Hapert, the Netherlands
Columbus World 1988 Institutional Lisbon, Portugal
Sports Center 1988 Sport Heraklion, Greece
Air Festival 1988 Institutional Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Jan van Eijck Academy 1988 Educational, Institutional Maastricht, the Netherlands
Villa Romanoff 1989 Housing Miami, USA
House & Pharmacy Schoonbroodt 1989-1985 Housing, Office Brunssum, the Netherlands
Albert & Bergsma Medical Center 1989-1987 Housing, Office Weert, the Netherlands
King Penthouse 1989-1988 Housing Miami, USA
Academy of Arts 1989-1993 School Maastricht, the Netherlands
Boulevard 1990 Leisure, Renovation Domburg, the Netherlands
Academy of Arts 1990 Educational, Institutional Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Theater 1991 Institutional Delft, the Netherlands
Law Court (Competition, 1st Place) 1991 Institutional, Office Groningen, the Netherlands
J' House 1991-1990 Housing Voerendaal, the Netherlands
House & Office Hopmans-Gielen 1991-1990 Housing, Office Amersfoort, the Netherlands
White Tower 1994 Leisure Tongeren, Belgium
Gallery of Contemporary Art (Competition) 1994 Office Leipzig, Germany
Ottakring 1994 Institutional Vienna , Austria
Academy for Sculptural Art 1994 Educational, Institutional Vienna, Austria
De Waag Pharmacy 1994-1993 Retail Breda, the Netherlands
Railway Station 1995 Transportation Erfurt, Germany
Academy of Arts 1995 Educational, Institutional Münster, Germany
Police Station 1995 Institutional, Office Berlin, Germany
Body House 1995 Housing Münster, Germany
Indigo Office 1995-1990 Office Maastricht, the Netherlands
AZL Headquarters 1995-1991 Office, Renovation Heerlen, the Netherlands
67 Apartments 1995-1992 Housing Tilburg, the Netherlands
Police Station Vaals 1995-1993 Office Vaals, the Netherlands
20 Apartments 1995-1993 Housing Maastricht, the Netherlands
Police Station Heerlen 1995-1994 Office Heerlen, the Netherlands
Schlossplatz (Competition) 1996 Institutional Berlin, Germany
KNSM Island Skydome 1996-1990 Housing Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Cathedral 1997 Institutional Cape Coast, Ghana
MoMA (Competition, Finalist) 1997 Institutional New York City, USA
House & Studio Arets 1997-1993 Housing Maastricht, the Netherlands
Police Station Boxtel 1997-1994 Office Boxtel, the Netherlands
Police Station Cuijk 1997-1994 Institutional, Office Cuijk, the Netherlands
Theater (Competition, 2nd Place) 1998 Institutional Almere, the Netherlands
Takeo Kikuchi Shop 1998 Retail Tokyo, Japan
Villa Geurten 1998-1995 Housing Heerlen, the Netherlands
ULO School 1998-1996 Educational, Institutional Heerlen, the Netherlands
Lensvelt Factory & Office 1999-1995 Office Breda, the Netherlands
Pergamon Museum (Competition) 2000 Institutional Berlin, Germany
Hotel Promenade 2000 Leisure The Hague, the Netherlands
Hazendans Housing 2000-1996 Housing Maastricht, the Netherlands
Villa van Zanten 2000-1997 Housing Lisse, the Netherlands
Oostpoort Stadium 2001 Sport Haarlem, the Netherlands
BMW Welt (Competition) 2001 Office, Retail Munich, Germany
Green Square (Competition, 1st Place) 2001 Leisure, Transportation Sydney, Australia
Hoge Heren 2001-1993 Housing Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Hedge House 2001-1998 Gallery, Institutional Wijlre, the Netherlands
Montjuic2 (Competition, Finalist) 2002 Institutional, Sport Barcelona, Spain
Churchillkaai (Competition, 1st Place) 2002 Housing, Leisure Oostende, Belgium
Amsterdam Art Metropol 2002 Institutional Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Kwakkel Showroom 2002-1999 Office Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
Waterland (Competition, 2nd Place) 2003 Housing Shanghai, China
Science City ETH Campus (Competition) 2004 Educational, Institutional Zürich, Switzerland
Phoenix City (Competition) 2004 Housing, Office, Transportation Suzhou, China
ETH Campus Science City (Competition) 2004 Educational, Institutional, Office Zürich, Switzerland
Utrecht University Library 2004-1997 Library Utrecht, the Netherlands
Music School 2004-1999 School Heerlen, the Netherlands
Film Museum (Competition) 2005 Institutional Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Kastner & Öhler 2005 Retail Graz, Austria
Style Suite Fashion Shop 2005-2002 Retail Maastricht, the Netherlands
Campus b_TEC & School EUETIB (Competition, Finalist) 2006 Educational, Institutional, Office Barcelona, Spain
Het Loo Palace Entrance Pavillion (Competition) 2006 Institutional, Office Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
Euroborg Stadium 2006-1998 Sport Groningen, the Netherlands
Leidsche Rijn College 2006-1998 School Utrecht, the Netherlands
Kloostertuin Housing 2006-2000 Housing Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
Gallery Borzo 2006-2004 Gallery, Renovation Amsterdam, the Netherlands
G-Star Headquarters (Competition, 1st Place) 2007 Office Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Hockey Club 2007-2004 Sport Maastricht, the Netherlands
Living Madrid 2008-2002 Housing Madrid, Spain
Soccer Club 2008-2003 Sport Heerlen, the Netherlands
G' House 2008-2004 Residential Lanaken, Beglium
Hotel Zenden 2009-2003 Hotel, Renovation Maastricht, the Netherlands
V' Tower 2009-2006 Office Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Cornelius Schuystraat Apartment 2009-2007 Housing Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Four Towers Osdorp 2010-2002 Housing Amsterdam, the Netherlands
H' House 2010-2007 Residential Maastricht, the Netherlands
Reeteiland House 2011 Housing Amsterdam, the Netherlands
De Nieuwe Liefde 2011-2007 Cultural, Institutional, Renovation Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Culturele As (Competition, 1st Place) 2012-2006 Leisure, Renovation Zoetermeer, the Netherlands
Jellyfish House 2013-1998 Residential Marbella, Spain
Europapark 2013-1998 Housing, Office, Retail, Sport Groningen, the Netherlands
B' Tower 2013-2000 Housing, Retail Rotterdam, the Netherlands
A' Tower 2013-2003 Housing, Retail Amsterdam, the Netherlands
E' Tower 2013-2004 Housing Eindhoven, the Netherlands
V' House 2013-2006 Residential Maastricht, the Netherlands
AvB Tower 2013-2006 Housing, Retail, School The Hague, the Netherlands
Schwäbisch Media 2013-2008 Office Ravensburg, Germany
Supreme Court of the Netherlands 2013-2010 Office The Hague, the Netherlands
The Post 2013-2010 Housing, Renovation Maastricht, the Netherlands
A' House 2014-2007 Cultural, Gallery, Office Tokyo, Japan
Allianz Headquarters 2014-2008 Office, Retail Zürich, Switzerland
Regiocentrale Zuid 2014-2008 Office Maasbracht, the Netherlands
Campus Hoogvliet 2014-2009 Educational, Housing, School, Sport Rotterdam, the Netherlands
IJhal 2016-2010 Office, Retail, Transportation Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Blumenhaus 2016-2011 Housing, Office, Retail Zürich, Switzerland
Glaspaleis 2018-1998 Cultural, Institutional Heerlen, the Netherlands
The Double 2018-2008 Housing, Wellness Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Europaallee ‘Site D’ 2020-2012 Office, Retail Zürich, Switzerland
'Am Hirschgarten' 2020-2014 Hotel, Office, Retail Munich, Germany
Van der Valk Hotel 2020-2014 Hotel, Restaurant, Wellness Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Antwerp Tower 2021-2017 Hotel, Housing, Office, Restaurant, Retail Antwerp, Belgium
Bahrain Bay Tower 2022-2015 Hotel, Housing, Office, Retail Manama, Bahrain