V' Tower

Situated on the edge of Eindhoven–a city in the south of the Netherlands, whose economy is historically dominated by heavy industry, though has in recent years shifted toward the creative industries; V’ Tower is an intimate office building, whose programmatic solutions are a pragmatic response to its location. The tower’s acute angular shape was dictated by the master plan of the newly built area that it inhabits; the southern façade abuts a roadway that leads to the city’s airport, while to its north is a parking area, through which crisscrosses lanes for vehicular traffic. While those two façades of the tower are nearly equal in length, the western and eastern façades are irregular to one another, as the tower tapers in width, toward its eastern edge. Below the adjacent roadway–oppositely bounded by another office building–is a parking garage. A set of stairs flank the building’s short façades, providing exterior routing between the roadway and parking. This curious straddling of elevations allows the tower to contain a ‘zero-zero’ level, which leaves its ‘ground floor’ undefined. The tower is comprised of 13 floors and two, rather small cores for circulation and structure; one houses the emergency staircase, while both house elevators. Due to this structural solution, glazing on each floor is nearly floor to ceiling, with a small reserve maintained for the spandrel, which on the exterior, forms bands of black, itself formed by the fritting of the exterior glazing. Only when looking toward the tower from the exterior is it evident that the same fritting, albeit of a different patterning, is also present upon the transparent glazing. This fritting creates a pattern of gradating density–transparent to translucent–in a non-repeating rhythm. Floor to ceiling sliding windows punctuate the glazing of each floor, for increased ventilation. Designed for an information technology company, the tower’s transparency, evokes the cultural ethos of it future oriented inhabitants.

Flight Forum 565
5657 DR Eindhoven
the Netherlands


3.452 m2

Date of design

Date of completion

Project team
Wiel Arets, Daniel Meier, Natali Gagro, Alex Kunnen


Wilimas Bouwadviseurs BV, Raadgevende Ingenieures Amsterdam BV, Wetering Raadgevende Ingenieurs BV, Stan & De Koning Bouw BV, Scheldebouw Heerlen BV, Dekkers Koelcombi Installatietechniek, Mitsubishi Elevator Europe BV, Manntech Gevelinstallaties BV