November 10, 2011

'Wiel Arets Architects: STILLS' exhibition opens at FundaciĆ³n COAM in Madrid

With more than 50 built projects, 20 monographs, a series of products in production, countless lectures and professorships given by Wiel Arets, and four new office publications in the works, the timing is perfect for an oeuvre exhibition on the work of WAA. STILLS shows the development of the oeuvre, expands upon the theoretical background that informs the work, and offers insight into the sources of inspiration and fascination of Arets; from his very early beginnings, to his current teachings and projects. In six short video documentaries, the architect leads the visitor through the cities of Tokyo, Zürich, Berlin, and Milan, expounding on what’s most influential to the way he works and what he foresees for architecture and design in the decades yet to come.

Fundación COAM
C/ Piamonte no 23
Madrid, Spain

November 10-December 22, 2011
Monday-Sunday: 9:00-20:30

Lecture and debate
Drafts, Plans & Barcodes: La Ciudad en Tiempo Futuro
Victor López Cotelo, Juan Herreros, Edzo Bindels, and Wiel Arets
November 10, 2011 19:00