September 2, 2014

WAA included in the Amsterdam exhibition 'XS Architecture'

As an extension of Felix & FOAM, a temporary cultural center in Amsterdam, and in collaboration with Frame magazine–whose pop-up shop currently occupies the institution–WAA has been invited to participate in the upcoming exhibition 'XS Architecture'. Intended as a platform for products–of a smaller scale–created by architects, artists, and designers; each piece in the exhibition originates from those whose main profession lies in another trade. Alongside communicating these objects to a wider audience, the products on display will draw attention to current innovative production methods in product design. WAA will exhibit products created for and produced by Alessi, including the recently launched cutlery set, the trio of salt and pepper grinders and accompanying corkscrew, as well as oversized aluminum sculptures depicting the circulation routes that traverse key buildings from the office's oeuvre.

XS Frame Store
Keizersgracht 324
1016 EZ Amsterdam
the Netherlands

September 12-21, 2014

Opening: September 12, 17:00-19:00