August 23, 2019

The IIT CoA and Actar publish 'Nowness Files: 2012-2018 IIT Architecture Chicago'

This week the Illinois Institute of Technology's College of Architecture officially marked the beginning of its 2019-2020 academic year. Nowness Files marks the period of Wiel Arets’ deanship at the college, after a six year period of renewal and change to the college’s functioning–effecting nearly everything from education, to events and publications. It is the second edition of Nowness published by the college, and its pages chart the evolution of the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize (MCHAP), reflect on books, lectures, and lecturers, and highlight the new digital media outlets, as the website. Special attention is given to the revised and expanded degrees the college offers, and to the activities of its faculty, staff, and students-who compose the college's community. Philosopher Eric Bolle examines the poetic elusive nature of architecture; questions are raised by lecturers about pressing concerns in the field; and several upcoming areas of Chicago itself are given prominence of place in the publication. Like the original publication; NOWNESS FILES closes with a visual essay by the late photographer Michael Wolf–with a selection of images from his 'Transparent City' series–documenting Chicago's glass skyscrapers, and life within them.

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