February 13, 2014

The College of Architecture at IIT announces the 'MCHAP'

The College of Architecture (CoA) at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) announced this week the creation of the 'Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize' (MCHAP) and the 'MCHAP for Emerging Architecture'; both will recognize works of architectural eminence constructed throughout North and South America. Awarded biennially, the 'MCHAP' and the 'MCHAP for Emerging Architecture' are extensions of the larger curricular and research initiatives of the CoA at IIT, as established by its Dean, Wiel Arets. The award's inaugural jury includes Wiel Arets, Kenneth Frampton, Jorge Francisco Liernur, Dominique Perrault, and Sarah Whiting. Both components of the award will begin in 2014, with the initial cycle considering built works of architecture completed between January 2000 and December 2013.

Explains Wiel Arets: 'This new prize will not be bestowed to an individual or organization based solely off inventive form, however clever its design, or based solely off a submitted image, no matter how captivating. The prize's jury will instead be holistic in approach to selecting exceptional works. Architecture, as a discipline, will continue its pursuit of technology, so that it can further advance. And architecture is for people; it is strengthened by their presence.'

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