December 16, 2013

Four new WAA projects published in 'MARK'

MARK is an avant-garde magazine that covers the world of contemporary architecture. Its December 2013/January 2014 issue includes a 16 page article on WAA entitled, 'Four new projects from Wiel Arets show the architect at the top of his cinema-inspired game'. This feature article includes an extensive interview with Wiel Arets, wherein he discusses four recently completed WAA projects, which are located in Switzerland, Spain, Japan, and the Netherlands.

'If we were in LA and not Marbella, somebody would surely be shooting a movie here at the Jellyfish House. In fact, it’s almost as though someone already is. The scene couldn’t be more perfect, nor appear more choreographed. Kids are swimming overhead, in a spectacularly voyeuristic glass-bottomed pool, cantilevered out 9m from the roof into the air towards the distant mountains. From high above, the searing Spanish sun shines through the water, throwing rippling turquoise reflections onto the terrace beneath,' writes Jane Sitza...

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