Wiel Arets Architects: STILLS, Heerlen

The exhibition STILLS froze time, providing visitors the opportunity to explore and reflect on a selection of designs, texts, and images carefully curated from the archives of WAA. Exhibitions visitors were able to follow the studio’s evolution through a timeline that highlighted major milestones of Arets’ life and work. Built projects, model studies, sketches, exhibitions, books, and awards were all on display. A selection of architectural projects from the oeuvre were additionally exhibited through the use of foam models and video presentations. In six short video documentaries, the architect lead visitors through the cities of Tokyo, Zürich, Berlin, and Milan, expounding his outlook towards the future of architecture and urban construction.

Bonegard 18
6411 JM Heerlen
the Netherlands
December 17, 2010-Febraury 20, 2011