Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan

Two installations were set up inside an industrial building to present the products of the Alessi Il Bagno dOt series at the 2007 Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. One installation displayed Alessi’s ceramics and furniture, while the other displayed fittings by Oras. Among other items, basins, toilets, and cabinets were fixed on a glazed wall in the shape of a box. The wall was covered with bathroom prints of well-known film scenes and protagonists were pictured at actual size. During the presentation, visitors and images in overlay produced new film sequences. Oras felt that their fittings - of high gloss chrome - should be kept free of fingerprints, so rather than protecting the products by putting them in display cases, the taps were stood at random in an overused water-table, thus placing them at a close, yet distant stance from visitors. Behind the water-table of taps, the commercial for the sanitary line repeatedly played on a white screen in which the central character wakes up only to realize his bedroom is filling with water. Only when he turns off the tap does the water stop flowing; a subtle reference to the water saving features of Alessi Il Bagno dOt.

Emporio 31 Zone
via Tortona 31
Milan, Italy
April 12-18, 2007