A Wonderful World, Antwerp

‘We are living in a time where technology is invisible and no one seems to be in control. To help us understand this world, we need to redefine the map of the world; a mental construct reinterpreted countless times since the Americas were discovered in 1492. We could read the world anno 2020 as a collective living space for all, with individual cities functioning as neighborhoods–each with their own regional identity. These cities will be comparable to stops on a subway map, and the new commute will differ drastically from that of today. In just a few years, we'll be able to fly to any city in only a few hours. And in this way, the world becomes our new metropolis.’

Cityscapes Gallery
Locus Solus Art Space
Pourbusstraat 14
Antwerp, Belgium
December 10, 2011-January 21, 2012