Living today entails acceleration – or deceleration – in order to pass from one to another, to translate on impulse into another, and to tackle the different situations from changing vantage points. We are living in an era of transition. The buildings we develop must be seen as social condensers; their identities are derived from their function regarding traffic, they have to be constructed so that one can enter and leave them quickly, yet pass between them slowly. They have to be part of the detail that creates disorder. Noise and imperfection must be accepted as essential elements of the process of technology. Information technology is based on translating codes; electronic impulses are turned into images; magnetic material is decoded into data. During this transformation of logistics, things are bound to go wrong at times: we should accept interruptions and welcome conflict as indispensable elements of communication. Our world is changing: there are no boundaries. There is no longer an eternal form of a legislation subject. Concepts are created by communicable forces in relation to their subjects.

Wiel Arets, Hunch No. 2, The Berlage Institute, 2000, pp. 8