Beltgens Fashion Shop

As a window onto into the heart of Maastricht; this men's fashion boutique is located in the center of the city. It is formed by the intersection of a naturally lit horizontal space, which extends from the public street through the entrance and sales area, and out into a rear courtyard; a vertical space rises three levels from the sales area and houses the stock rooms of the boutique. The main space and the display window face the street and, subsequently, an adjacent public square;they are silhouetted at night by a mysterious light that emanates from the courtyard beyond. An oversized door, double the height of the display window it abuts, allows the boutique to engage with the city, offering up a continual exhibition of color. The front exterior façade is constructed of Corten steel and glass; this allows the boutique to seamlessly slip within its context little noticed. The interior is suffused with natural light, due to its expansive fenestration, and as such this intimate intervention juxtaposes, by the subtlest of contrasts, the maroon masonry walls of this ancient Roman city.

Sint Amorsplein 14
Maastricht 6211 GT
the Netherlands


55 m2

Date of design

Date of completion

Project team
Wiel Arets

Piet Grouls, Max van Beers

Giel Beltgens

Hub Keulers BV, Jacobs BV