Comfortably Strange, Rotterdam

'Comfortably Strange' was a site-specific project with more than one life. It was an installation and exhibition, embracing 'interiority'. Everything is about preference. The installation was therefore a stage to showcase repetition, difference, raw possibilities, honest truths, and stripped representations. The world is all interior; an 'interiority' of possibilities; a luxury of strange comfort to be consumed or created. The exhibition was able absorb new stories. Each month of the project's life was devoted to one of four chapters: 'Dreamlike condition', 'Sterile luxury', 'Destroy to amuse', and 'Feast for the mind'. The inner and outer surfaces of the project's skin never touched, and each was unique in character. As a mirror confronting its spectators, it was a statement of what our culture might be. It was project in which visitors – always in control of their emotions – felt a resistance to easy comfort, easy luxury, and easy happiness.

Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam
the Netherlands
January 18-May 6, 2008